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Millenium Hospitality Management Group

Millennium Hospitality Management Group is a western Pennsylvania based management company whose purpose is to be a premier third-party management, investment and ownership group for the hospitality industry nationwide.

Our vision is to create a results-oriented leadership company with spirited, well-trained associates that provide a memorable experience for our guests. Our success is producing a hotel experience that brings positivity to our guests, development growth to our associates and strong returns for our owners/investors

Millennium Hospitality currently manages branded properties throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and is in development with key brands throughout the Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic and Nationwide.

We are committed to be the best hospitality management and development organization of choice in the upper mid-scale, mid-scale, extended stay and economy segments in every market that we serve. We will achieve this by continuing to mature our strong relationships with key brands in the hospitality industry.

Millennium is not a company, but a vision and future that hoteliers should model themselves after.

Chris B., Partner

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Hotel Management Services

MHG Operations


Our daily hotel operational expertise centers on providing high quality guest experiences tailored to their emotional needs.

MHG Strategic Revenue Management

Strategic Revenue Management

Our Revenue Management team leverages the strength of our brands along with our in-house optimization tools, which allow for in-depth winning strategies across our brands.

MHG Focused Ecommerce

Focused Ecommerce

Our e-commerce resources manage every aspect of your asset’s online presence, from SEO-optimized website design and development to email marketing, paid and organic search and third-party marketing.

MHG Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Detailed marketing plans and regular reviews help reinforce strategic goals, and an emphasis on resource allocation and high accountability ensures that all marketing expenses are precisely targeted.

MHG Accounting


Our full-service accounting platform provides complete payroll, accounts payable, cash flow management, financial statements and other accounting services.

MHG Development


Our leadership culture provides support to the field by training and developing our team members and fostering professional growth.

Key Attributes

Leadership and Coaching Image


We know what owners want and need, and we exceed those expectations by delivering top of the line results through our Accounting, IT, Operations, Sales, and Marketing disciplines.

Balanced Scorecards

Balanced Scorecards Image

Millennium ensures that we hold all levels of team members accountable for their roles and responsibilities via the use of a scorecard.

Associate Growth and Development

Associate Growth and Development

Human asset recruiting, training and development is one of our greatest strengths. We show our valuable associates respect, by referring to them as players, teammates or key associates, not employees.


Our Story

When Chris was about 4 years old, he found himself bunkering down with his family at the Marriott New Orleans. There was a hurricane in the forecast that was about to make landfall. One would ask, "Why were they at a hotel? Why weren’t they leaving town until the hurricane passed?" Leaving town nor the hotel was not an option for Chris and his family. Chris's father was the Assistant Controller of the hotel at that time and just like a Captain of a ship – its all hands-on deck in emergency situations. During their 4 day stay at the hotel Chris helped his dad throughout the hotel – talking to anxious guests, making them laugh plus helping the kitchen staff set tables. This is where Chris started to get the "Hospitality Bug".

Areas We Serve

Millennium Hospitality currently manages branded properties throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and is in development with key brands throughout the Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic and Nationwide.

Areas We Serve

What Our Clients Say

We are proud to partner with two Millennium properties in the Mountaineer Country tourism region of West Virginia. These properties are a major asset to our lodging community as well as our destination marketing efforts as we engage with potential visitors.

Susan R.

We have developed a great partnership with Millennium Hospitality because of their fast and thorough work ethic, attention to detail and creative approach to hospitality . Their dedication to see our business prosper and personal investment is evident in all aspects of our interactions which has brought our hotels into the lead in their markets.

Crystal M.

Millennium Hospitality has earned our trust… I’ve found them to be proficient in every aspect of hospitality management and they are truly engaging with our ownership group and staff. I highly recommend their services!

Mark M.