Leadership & Coaching

Our leadership culture provides support to the field by training and developing our players and fostering professional growth. We believe deeply that our associates are our most valuable resource. We focus on a genuine, engaging, collaborative and performance-based culture.

Balanced Scorecards

Millennium ensures that we hold all levels of team members accountable for their roles and responsibilities. Some Key areas that Millennium focuses on are:
  • Cost Controls from “per occupied room” to “minutes per room” costs
  • Performance Metrics
  • Balanced Scorecards and Systems
  • Standard Operating Policies and Procedure

Associate growth and development

Human asset recruiting, training and development is one of our greatest strengths. We show our valuable associates respect, by referring to them as players, teammates or key associates, not employees. We empower our players to let them make their best decisions given their guidelines and benchmarks. We motivate them by working with them instead of making them feel like management is above them or they work for us.

We preach daily stand up talks called “10 minutes at 10:00”, have monthly GM conference calls, conduct quarterly meetings and build core skills training such as:

  • Reading STR reports
  • Efficient labor planning
  • REVPAR goals
  • Rewards program selling practices
  • Guest satisfaction improvement and recognition
  • Player recognition programs.